Reuniting and Keeping Families Together

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  • Immigrant Visas
  • Marriage Based Visas  
  • Fiance Visas
  • U Visas for Victims of Specific Crimes


  • Adjustment of Status
  • Relative Petitions 
  • Self-Petitions for victims of domestic violence under VAWA
  • Petitions to Remove the Conditions on Residence or waivers of the joint filing requirements
  • Applications for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)
  • Waivers/ Provisional Waiver
  • Motions and Appeals to USCIS, the Board of Immigration Appeals, the Administrative Appeals Office and other Federal Agencies


  • Naturalization
  • Expedited Naturalization  
  • Acquired or Derivative Citizenship
  • Consular Record of Birth Abroad
  • Obtaining US Passports
Reuniting and Keeping Families Together

At the Law Office of Christine Contreras, we believe that successfully addressing client needs requires compassion, empathy and honesty. We take on each case as a personal investment and fight for the best interests of our immigration clients. The Law Office of Christine Contreras strives to provide diligent legal advice and representation to our clients while assisting them in the complex immigration process. We hope you will entrust us to assist with your case.


The Law Office of Christine Contreras is dedicated to assisting people in navigating the complex immigration laws of the United States. Preserving and maintaining family unity is a cornerstone of our beliefs at the Law Office of Christine Contreras. The United States is a country built on the foundation of welcoming immigrants. We believe in the important words inscribed on the Statue of Liberty which state, …”Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” Immigrants form the core of this great nation. Our law firm welcomes you and will provide the assistance you require to explore your options for obtaining legal or lawful status.


    Law Office of Christine Contreras immigration chicago


    As the daughter of a Mexican immigrant, Christine Contreras has personally experienced the complicated and extensive immigration process firsthand. Her father came to this country at the age of fifteen to have more opportunities and make a better life for himself. He has worked hard and has excelled in this country. Because of her background, Christine believes that everyone should have an opportunity to excel in this country as well and will help you explore your options for obtaining temporary or permanent legal status. Christine personally invests herself in each and every case, while giving her all to obtain a positive outcome for her clients.

    Law Office of Christine Contreras immigration chicago

    Christine Contreras

    Her current practice focuses on the area of family-based immigration matters. Ms Contreras received a Bachelor of Arts degree, with an emphasis on political science, from DePaul University in 1997. She received a Juris Doctorate from DePaul University College of Law in 2000. She is an active member of the Illinois State Bar Association, Hispanic Lawyers Association of Illinois and the American Immigration Lawyers Association. She is fluent in English and Spanish.


    • Melissa Avatar

      Couldn’t ask for a better Immigration lawyer! A+++ Hiring a lawyer to help us handle our immigration process was the best decision we made! Christine was very professional, knowledgeable, thorough and helpful. She made everything easier considering the distance we had and the time zone difference. She’s always available when we needed her, prompt to answer enquiries no matter how small, communicates constantly and was simply there every step of the way. You need a lawyer of her caliber to your side. She was overall outstanding and is now a family friend. We’re extremely grateful to have worked with her. We absolutely recommend her to anyone seeking immigration assistance. Oh and she’s beautiful too!

      anonymous Avatar

      A++++ Excellent Immigration Attorney! Ms. Contreras took my husband's case from fiancé visa all the way to US citizenship. It took 5 years from fiancé immigration to US citizenship and Ms. Contreras stuck with us through thick and thin. We are happily married together in the US because of her work on our case. I highly recommend her for your immigration concerns. She is pleasant, personable, responsive and easy to work with. If not for Ms. Contreras' guidance, advice, and careful attention to detail, my husband and I would not be calling the US home. We are now looking to utilize her services to assist in bringing my husband's father and family to the US. She will continue to be our one and only immigration attorney. You will be very satisfied in utilizing this lawyer and her firm. A++++ all the way!

      Hayley Hernandez Avatar
      Hayley Hernandez

      Christine is so thorough and organized in her work. Will definitely recommend her!

    • henry soto Avatar
      henry soto

      We are very happy that we found Christine Contreras as our lawyer for my Family wife and sons not just a regular lawyer but a real person first who worries about your situation and she shows that in to the efforts she makes doing the best For your legal case to be a success I very strongly recommend her for your immigration case she will know what to do with respect and professionalism if we happen to have any other case or we would it repeat the process I will choose her again indeed thank you very much Lawyer Christine Contreras for all your help God bless you From Family Soto Lopez

      Zulema De Robles Avatar
      Zulema De Robles

      La abogada Christine es exelente abogada y sobre todo exelente persona siempre me redponde cualquier duda que tengo con amabilidad y me explica todo claramente ya van dos casos en que nos a ayudado gracias abogada.

      Geo Adame Avatar
      Geo Adame

      Christine is a vessel that God is using to help change the lives of people. You could see her dedication and strong work-ethic every time you step into her office for an appointment, she is highly passionate about what she does and I couldn't have asked for anyone else to have gone on this journey with my wife and I. My wife and I definitely recommend Christine for any immigration related issues anyone may be facing, she is highly trustworthy. Once DACA, now officially a U.S Resident, Thank You Christine

    • Dulce Pichardo Tucknott Avatar
      Dulce Pichardo Tucknott

      I recommend Christine for any immigration purposes ,she helped some of my family members and myself. All I can say is she is amazing and I love the quality of her work !!!�������

      Jackie Hein Avatar
      Jackie Hein

      Christine is truly passionate about what she does and works hard every day for her clients!

      Becky Rios Avatar
      Becky Rios

      Christy is a wonderful, caring, and smart individual.

    • Nathanna Raíssa Avatar
      Nathanna Raíssa

      Christine is a great lawyer, she handled my K1 Visa case and everything ran smoothly. She’s always available to answer questions and explains everything clearly. Her fees are very similar to other immigration lawyers.
      I can definitely say that if you’re looking for a lawyer to handle your K1 Visa case, she’s a great choice.

      Alexander B Avatar
      Alexander B

      First of all I want to thank God for guide me to immigration attorney Christine Contreras, she is very professional, knowledgeable and up to date with the constantly changing immigration laws and procedures, she handled my case which by the way was complicated because of my entry and stay in the U.S. I was basically banned from getting a change of status, I knew I needed to go through the provisional waiver applications process but I also knew my chances of getting approved were low, luckily Mrs. Contreras has a lot of experience in this field, she always kept me informed and helped me every step of the way, I was seeing application after application being approved and prepared me for the big day, the interview with an immigration officer back in my country, everything ran smoothly. Now I'm very happy that made it back to the U.S. as a legal permanent resident, it was a long process but was worth it. I highly recommend Mrs. Contreras as an immigration attorney. Thank you

      Victor Zepeda Avatar
      Victor Zepeda

      My wife and I were referred to Attorney Contreras by a mutual friend of ours that had collaborated with her in the past. From our very first consultation, my wife and I knew she was a perfect match for our immigration needs. During every encounter, Christine was courteous, honest, and very professional. During the early stages of the process, she drafted a precise timeline describing what to expect throughout the process and how she would handle shortcomings in the event something didn't go as planed--which is what I appreciated most, pure honesty. Because of Christine's hard work and dedication to my somewhat unusual case, I received my residency in October of 2017, making me eligible to complete my terminal degree and advance on with my military career. My spouse and I are, and always will be, thankful for Attorney Contreras. Thank you, Christine.

    • Enrique Ramos Gil Avatar
      Enrique Ramos Gil
      positive review 

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      Will Aguilar Avatar
      Will Aguilar

      If there is a word better than extraordinary to describe Christine and the work she does, that is the word I would use. Not only is she knowledgable but also compassionate, patient and affordable. The immigration officer thanked her for putting together a thorough and organized package. Thanks to her my husband is now a permanent resident. This was by far the best attorney experience I ever had. I cant say thank you enough. Will Aguilar.

      Karen Hernandez Avatar
      Karen Hernandez

      Christine is an excellent immigration attorney who cares about her clients and achieving their desired goals. She speaks Spanish, is attentive to detail and easily accessible. I'm very pleased with all the great work she has done for my family and friends. I highly recommend her services for anything pertaining to immigration.

    • Nwanyieze Onyegbula Avatar
      Nwanyieze Onyegbula

      I highly recommend Christine. We had a complex case for 10 years. Last year after reading reviews from other people about Christine we decided to give her a chance. To God be they glory my husband's green card has been approved. Christine is the lawyer you need if you have any immigration problem.

      Cynthia Avatar

      A Very Satisfied Client! Christine assisted my husband and I through the process of temporary resident and permanent resident. She was very professional through the process and constantly kept us informed. The process seemed daunting and complicated; yet, she explained it In a way that was easy to understand. Whenever we had any questions, she immediately made herself available to assist. She actively listened to our concerns and needs.

      Cristina Rivera Avatar
      Cristina Rivera

      She is definitely the BEST! Strongly recommend her!!




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